Monday, April 30, 2007

It has been a long time since i post something on this blog..just that i have been too busy with work and also lazy to update the blog has been full of ups and downs since the last time i posted something in this blog...wonderful start for the school soccer this year..the girls team won third placing after defeating bowen sec 2-0 in the 3rd and 4th playoffs..well done girls...the B boys qualified for the Quarter Final stage of the National Round..a great achievement for a team where half of the players are from sec 3...well done, main focus is for the upcoming NSSL tournament...
As for my personal life, not been very well...been very disappointed lately..well..only have myself to blame...but still hoping and praying for the best...ok..until now only for the update..will write more if time permits next time....

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 busy....really been very that soccer season starting, been very busy training and at the same time busy with school work...first of all, good soccer team, my sunday soccer team i mean, won our second game 6-0 and we are now top of the table in the sunday soccer girls too have been training hard for the up coming tournament and i can see their determination to do well this year...well done girls..i am proud of you all...anyway, this friday they will be having their first friendly game against zhenghua B boys soccer team is also progressing slowly...but this year will be a very tough year for the boys as the competition from the other schools is life this year is all about soccer..almost everyday on the field..quite tiring dah...body all aching..old already la...think it is time to get a every night can massage me...hee...ok..need to sleep now..tired...zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello....i am sooooo long since i last update my blog..heeee....sooooo busy with lots of things....december holidays not really a holiday for me...hai...never get a chance to really relax and go for a short break to other countries...but december holidays got a couple of good news though...B boys retained their NSSL championship...we won again..two consecutive years..3000 dollars..really proud of the boys...then the girls won the Northwest CDC futsal happiness...dec holidays really past very fast...after that involved in sec 1 registration..then very busy...three weeks of school like 3 many things to do...with school soccer tournament starting soon, will be very busy...then every sunday i have my own soccer tournament...busy man la....last week played our first game...we won 8-2...this sunday will be playing at Tampines CC field..hope to win again....

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time was only seems like yesterday we celebrated Hari Raya...hmmm..first day of Raya...few hundred dollars been given like tat...anyway, for those who intend to come over to my place, is it ok if i am to set the date on 12.11.2006 (sunday)...bec weekdays i am down for o level invigilation...and since this coming weekend some of you all not able to come, i can only think of the following weekend..please confirm whether the date is ok or not as i will be catering food...btw, my address will be at Blk 94, Geylang Bahru, #08-3104...can always contact me at 94996075....hope to hear from you all soon..

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My family hari raya photos

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hello...i am back...hmmm...wat have i done for the past was so busy during the exam week..markings, markings and markings.....after tat keying in of the marks, promotion busy.....
Time really flies....feel like only yesterday we started our is the last day of our fasting month...and it means tomorrow will be Hari Raya....hai...been a few years since i last celebrate Hari Raya...not really in the mood to in a rented place, nothing to celebrate about..just later going to mum's place to get some food for tomorrow and some kueh for own consumption....hmmm....have to prepare money for the green packet least one thing to look forward to is tomorrow can start having my breakfast..fasting month over...
Anyway..for all those who intend to come over to my palce for Hari Raya, was thinking of having open house on the 4th Nov, at my mum's place at Geylang Bahru...any problems with the date please tag me ok..can always change to another date...ok all the muslims out there, i would like to wish you all Selamat HAri Raya Aidilfitri....please forgive me if i have siad or done anything tat is hurtful..enjoy your day..

Another Story
There was one lived two very best of friends. They shared almost everything in life. One day, they had a minor argument and the younger lady said some harsh words towards the older one. The older one was very upset at what had been said to her. After cooling down, the younger felt remorseful about wat had happened and wat had been said. She then went to a very wise old lady to seek advice on how she could ask forgiveness from her best friend and remedy the situation. She was willing to do anything to show her best friend her sincerity to apologize.
The old lady then told her she needed to do two simple tasks. After she completed the taks, everything will be back to normal. The wise old lady told young lady to get her favourite pillow. The first task was she had to put a feather, taken from the pillow, and placed it on every doorstep of every house in the town before day break. She could only start at 12 midnight to complete the task. At 12 midnight tat day, the young lady started on her task. She carefully placed a feather on every doorstep of every house in the town. By day break, she placed the last feather on the last house. She then went back to see the wise old lady to know wat her second task was.
When she met up with the wise old lady, she was told of her second task. Her second task was to go back to the town and to fill up back her empty pillow case with the feathers that had been placed on every doorstep. The yound lady was shocked. She said it was an impossible task to do as the wind had already blown off the feathers. Then the wise old lady told her that her situation with her best friend was similar to this. Once something is said, no amount of effort could take back the words that had been said. The hurt and damaged had been done.
So guys, the lesson here is, please think before you say anything becauce once something has been said, you can never take it back.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006 long ince i last update this blog..been very busy with work..especially with markings...ever since the fasting month, every week seems to be going JB...last Sat went JB with my adik and this week with my parents..the only problem is always going back time..always jam..yesterday was caught in a jam for an hour the end reached home at about 3 in the morning...legs all cramped bec of driving...all this while, there is nothing much really happening in my work and looking forward to the dec you all can see, my log does not have pictures posted..all due to the fact tat i don like to take pictures of myself...ok la people time to write my final part of the topic love...

What is love actually? People have different definition of love but wat is actually love. Love is a sacred thing. It needs sacrifices from both party. But too bad lots of people nowadays are confused of this word. They can easily and readily say the word love but dont actually know wat is the meaning of it. Some people actually take advantage of this word. They will be the be the one who give the word love a bad name. Love is pure and sacred. It has no boundary. It does not distinguish between race, religion, age and sometimes 'gender'. Love is to put the one we love first in whatever we do. As the saying goes, to love a person, it is to sacrifice for the person. It is to make the one we love happy. Even if we have to let go the one we love. Sometimes, we have to let go the one we love because by letting the person go, it will make them happy. And to see the one we love happy, that is the sacrifice that we have to make. That is love. Love is not about possession. Love is about faith and trust. Firstly, we must have faith in the love that we have towards each other. because without faith, there will be no trust. Once there is no trust, there will be no hope and once there is no hope, there will be no future. And please, love the one you love more everyday. Your love for the person today must be stronger than yesterday. So that your love for your partner will be stronger and stronger as the day past till the end of your life. Finally, remember people, it is not easy to find true love nowadays. You can be true to your partner but there is a tendency your partner will not be true to you. Your love will be taken advantaged of. And sometimes, we have to know and admit that our true love or our soul mate might not be the one whom we people out there, please start to treasure and start giving the word love a good name...and ask yourself, do you really know wat is love, do you really love the person, and how much you really love the person before you say the word I LOVE YOU...

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Simple Story
One day, a man was walking along the beach. Then he saw a boy picking starfish by the beach and throwing them back into the sea. The man approached the boy and asked, "Little boy, may i know what are you doing?" The little boy looked at the man and replied, "These starfish were swept on shore. I am putting them back into the sea and trying to save them." The man smiled and said, "Well little boy, the beach stretches miles and miles and there are thousands of beach in the world. You cant possibly save all of them." The little boy looked at the man, picked up a starfish and throw it into the sea and smile. "Well, at least i have made a difference to that one," the little boy replied.

You know, in our life, there are lots of people out there who are in need of help. We might encounter some of them or heard stories about others from other people. As a little being in such a vast world, we cant possibly save or help everyone but to whoever we have encountered and rendered help, we have actually made a difference to those people. Same goes for a teacher, we cant possibly help every students in the school even though some are too stubborn or rebellious but to those whom we have tried to help, we have made a difference in their lives. This is one philosophy in life that i am holding on to and i hope others can learn something from this.

Exam starts today. I hope i have helped those under my 'wings' to excel. All the best. Tomorrow i will be going for my next check up for my collar bone. Hope everything is ok. If not, i have to consider surgery as an option to be fully recovered so that i can start playing soccer competitively again.

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